Orchestra class

Preparation for violinists to audition for a concertmaster or tutor position in a European orchestra.

Tutor: Prof. Adam Kostecki

  • Presentation:
    As of 01.01.2019, Germany recently offers a visa for 6 months for job seekers from abroad. This means that foreigners can first come to Germany to look for work here. The ZMS Hannover will offer a course from 01.01.2019, which lasts 6 months.
  • Unterricht:
    – 6 months – 2x per week 1 to 1 violin lessons
    – 6 months German language course, 20 lessons per week – 4 per day
    – Free use of room to practice music
    – Registration for the exam for orchestra positions and other service
    – Job search suggestions and information
  • Certificate:
    – A1-C1 Telc, Goethe Institute Certificate according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
    – Certificate of completion from ZMS
    – A certificate of recommendation from Prof. Adam Kostecki
  • Fees:
    9200 €
  • Conditions:
    Applicants must:
    – send us a video (with one romantic and one Mozart concerto, one movement) beforehand, Mr. Adam Kostecki will select the best people
    – have already had 400 lessons in the home country and have proof of that, or speak English very well
    – have experience playing in an orchestra and have proof of that
    – have a degree from a conservatory or university, majoring in music

Why make music?

  • Music connects hearing and sight, feeling and touch, coordination and movement, imagination and creativity in an intense way
  • Increases mental agility
  • Promotes intelligence
  • Increases neuronal connectivity
  • Music trains the memory

Contact Info


Phone number:
+49 (0) 5 11 – 67 91 39 01