Language courses

German course from A1 to C1

Basic levels are:

A – Elementary language acquisition
  • A1 – Beginner:
    Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases. Can introduce him/herself and others, ask questions about others and give answers to such questions. Can communicate in a simple way when the other person speaks slowly and clearly.
  • A2 – Basic knowledge:
    Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to e.g. shopping, work, the immediate environment and information about people and family. Can communicate in simple situations and talk about familiar things (such as living, eating, working, leisure, etc.).


B – Independent language acquisition:
  • B1 – Advanced language use:
    Can express him/herself simply and coherently on familiar topics and in areas of personal interest. Can report on experiences and knowledge, describe hopes and ambitions, and give brief reasons or explanations for plans and views.
  • B2 – Independent use of language:
    Can understand the main ideas of demanding texts on both concrete and abstract topics; can communicate spontaneously and fluently so that normal conversation with native speakers is quite possible without strain. Can express him/herself clearly and in detail on a wide range of subjects, explaining a point of view on a topical issue and giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options.


C – Advanced language acquisition:
  • C1: Expert language:
    A wide range of longer, demanding texts is recognized. You can express yourself spontaneously and fluently as well as clearly and in a structured manner on complex issues. The ability to use language effectively in training and studies or at work is given.

Why learn German?

  • More success and opportunities at work
  • Better integration and understanding with other people.
  • German is spoken by more than 120 million people
  • German is a key language in the European Union
  • German is one of the most important cultural languages
  • 68% of Japanese students study German

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