» Gabriele Wicke

  • Since 1974 exhibitions and biennials at home and abroad
  • 1980 opening of a painting school for portfolio preparation for art and design studies
  • Drawing work at the rehearsals of the Lower Saxony State Theater in Hanover:
    Publications in the theater newspaper
  • November 1995 Foundation Group „Triglyphe“, Paris
  • May 1997 Foundation Group „Duo“, Paris
  • September 1999 Opening Turm2 G. WICKE, Hanover
  • Since 1999 board member as Conseilleure de L’Association in Peintres et Sculptures de La Danse Européens Paris
  • October 2004 Founding member of the Lions-Clubs Aegidius
  • Since 2004 member of the MHH Forum for Art and Medicine
  • Since 2005 first chairwoman KULTUR-SCHLACHT-HOF Hannover SAUSTARK e.V.
  • Since 2007 until end of 2009 KUNSTKOMM e.V. der Kestnergesellschaft
  • cooperates with the Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover and Hildesheim by preparing interview folders with applicants for the entrance examination
  • Her works are in domestic and foreign ownership.